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At, our public adjusters and insurance consultants understand the significant damage natural disasters like thunderstorms, hail, lightning, tropical storms, and hurricanes can cause.

When these destructive circumstances occur, it may seem like the worst thing that ever happened…

Until you call your insurance company.

You paid for coverage. You paid for reassurance. You trusted they would be there.

But what you got was the runaround. is here to help.

Our Storm Claim team is comprised of hardworking insurance adjusters and consultants who partner with skilled contractors, lawyers, and other experts to find the best solutions for each of our home, condo, and business owner’s needs, so they can return their property to the condition it was in before the damage occurred.

With our help, you never have to face the storm alone. Contact us now to learn more. Insurance Adjusters and Consultants Handle More Than Storm Damage 

At Storm Claim, our experienced insurance adjusters and consultants understand that contacting your insurance company should give you peace of mind, not compound the losses you are already dealing with.

When their response only worsens your problem, we can help.

Our insurance claim professionals specialize in damages caused by:

Allow our skilled insurance adjusters to review your coverage today, so we can determine exactly what your policy covers, so you can pursue the maximum amount of financial support from the insurance company – without the initial line of delays, undervalued estimates, and outright denials blocking the way.

Public Adjusters and Insurance Consultants Who Specialize in Hurricane Damage Claims

A constant reminder of how dangerous these storms can be, Hurricane Michael destroyed the panhandle in 2018, leaving homes, condos, and businesses decimated by its path.

Even when our residents spend months preparing and learning from the previous season’s vulnerabilities, hurricanes can destroy everything they have built.

Torrential rain, excessive wind speeds, storm surges, and even tornadoes evolve from the pressure of hurricanes throughout the south, which can cause widespread damage to homes, businesses, vehicles, boats, and other property that may seem impossible to assess after the storm. is ready to face the challenge with you while providing quality care and expert advice for each of our client’s unique circumstances.

We understand your insurance policy, your damages, and all losses mean something different to each policyholder when it is time to create a claim. We want to learn what your losses mean to you, your family, and your livelihood, so we can help you rebuild.

Our skilled public insurance adjusters and consultants will walk you through the process to maximize your outcome, so you can begin putting your life back together without delay.

What Happens if My Marine Business is Destroyed During a Hurricane?

When marine damage occurs, it is our local business owners who suffer.

Damage can occur any time to vessels, and each of these instances should be covered by the insurance policy, including when it occurs in:

  • Boatyards
  • Storage Facilities
  • Docked or Moored
  • Operating on Water
  • Transit

Our marine damage insurance adjusters and consultants help boat owners accurately assess their complete damage by partnering with experts who only focus on boat recovery solutions to provide proof of loss to your insurance provider, so your claim does not go unanswered, undervalued, or get outright denied.

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At, our accomplished insurance claims adjusters, consultants, and a team of experienced contractors and assessors know that damage can occur to your home or office without notice.

Contact our experienced public adjusters and consultants in at (844) 967-8676 or online today to get the help you need to face the insurance company after you have suffered fire, hurricane, lightning, mold, water damage, or discovered property losses from roof leaks. You do not have to face the storm alone. We are here to help.


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