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Fires cause more than destruction to property. They often result in some of the most difficult damages to repair and replace once the cleanup begins. Even when the fire’s blaze is contained before it can burn everything in its path, smoke damage will pick up where the flames left off. Then, the water or chemicals used to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading cause a third tier of destruction that can require lengthy and expensive cleanup services before the home or business owner can return to the premises.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Home & Commercial Fires?

Home and business fires can happen without notice in occupied homes or businesses and when families are out, or companies closed.

The National Fire Prevention Association lists the following circumstances as the most common causes of home and commercial fires.


Nearly half of all reported home fires throughout the United States begin in the kitchen. Whether it is sparked by overheated pots and pans, grease splashes, lack of supervision while cooking, or faulty appliances, items inside the kitchen can catch fire quickly — and spread so fast they become overwhelming and impossible to contain.


Not all meals are prepared inside the kitchen, and even when they are being cooked outside, the danger is the same. Charcoal and gas grills, smokers and deep fryers can cause serious fire damage when they are unsupervised, leaking, or make contact with the home, garage, outdoor furniture and other structures, or nearby trees or bushes.

Flammable Liquids

Inside and outside the home, flammable liquids, including cleaning agents, paints, stains, thinners, adhesives, fuels and other raw materials can ignite or explode without notice when they are improperly stored. These dangerous liquids can ignite without a flame when they are stored in unapproved containers or when the vapors combine with high temperatures, unventilated areas, or static electricity — all of which can cause a destructive explosion.

Electrical Equipment, Faulty Wiring & Unsafe Lighting

Any appliance or piece of equipment that relies on electricity to operate can start a fire if the outlet is overloaded, the cord is frayed, or if the internal wiring is inadequate. Likewise, lighting sources including lamps that can overheat, and permanently installed ceiling or wall fixtures that are not properly insulated from wood paneling or ceiling timbers, can ignite without warning.

Holiday Decorations

Christmas trees and other indoor and outdoor holiday decorations can become fire hazards for several reasons. First, decorated trees and bushes can become dry and easily ignitable when covered in strings of lights. Also, holiday decorations are not inspected by their users as often as they should be, and continuous use year after year can lead to frayed wires or faulty components that catch fire on their own.

Children Playing with Fire

Children are curious and do not have the overall capacity to understand exactly how dangerous and destructive fire can be. Kids playing with matches, lighters, and candles lead to over 10,000 fires each year in the United States.


Smoking anywhere in the home can be dangerous, as flammable items like furniture, clothing, and blankets can catch and spread the fire quickly. Bedrooms are especially vulnerable spaces for smoking-related fires, as the cigarette or cigar may not be fully extinguished before the person falls asleep and is unable to notice a fire has started.


Candles require an open flame to burn, and even though small and typically contained to a small area, they can cause a much larger fire when left unattended near newspapers, magazines, books, paper towels or tissue boxes.

Unintentional vs. Intentional Fires

Unless a fire is set intentionally through the misuse of a heat source or arson, most fires are unintentional — as no one wants to see their home or business go up in flames.
The other factor in thousands of fires each year is unintentional human error or accidents caused by disposing of cigarettes, hot objects, or other flammable materials while they are still capable of burning.
No matter when or where a fire occurs, its unpredictable path can cause mass destruction in seconds, leaving families and business owners feeling helpless once the flames are extinguished.
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