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Water damage insurance claims are one of the most common types of property claims submitted to insurance providers throughout the United States.

And while water damage claims are the source of significant financial expenses for insurance companies, home and business owners are entitled to quick and fair responses from their providers.

What Type Of Water Damage Does My Insurance Policy Cover?

Each home or insurance policy is unique to the property it protects and offers varying degrees of water damage coverage.

That can include sudden and accidental or gradual water damage caused by:

Buildup in areas prone to collecting water, including crawl spaces, attics, and basements
Bursting or leaking pipes
Clogged drain lines
Faulty or malfunctioning household appliances
Fire sprinkler malfunctions
Heavy rain and flooding
HVAC units
Plumbing issues
Roof leaks
Sewage backups
Sink or tub overflow
Storm-related damage
Toilet or sewage backups
Water intrusion from breaches in a window or roof

Water damage can cause structural harm to homes, businesses, and condo buildings that should be covered by their insurance policies.

At StormClaim.com, our water damage insurance claims adjusters know that they are often underpaid or denied by their insurance company’s adjusters and their misinterpretation of the policy language, which allows them to deny coverage by stating the type of water damaged suffered is “not covered” of “excluded” under their policy.

Our veteran team of insurance claims and consultants focus on the language in each of our client’s policies to ensure we are targeting the proper coverage for their unique losses, so they have the best chance at maximizing their claim.

What Should I Do After Discovering Water Damage In My Home Or Business?

Water damage can ruin your home or business’s walls, floors, furniture, electronics, artwork, and other personal items in seconds. Imagine what hidden or sustained water damage can do to the integrity of your home or business’s structure, leading to expensive replacement and repairs, or an overwhelming total loss.

No matter how the water damage started, once it is discovered, you should:

Take photos or video of the water damage throughout your home or business
Document all damaged areas and items, including those to the structure and of the property that was affected or submerged by water
Stop the source of the water damage, when possible
Cleanup standing water or moisture after the damage has been fully documented to avoid slips, falls, or further damage to your possessions
Do not begin restoration or replacement of your damaged property until your insurance policy is explored for coverage options
Contact our skilled water damage insurance claims adjusters and consultants to learn the best approach to maximizing the financial recovery for your losses

You should not be held financially responsible for a disaster or an accident that was completely out of your control. At StormClaim.com, we will determine the actual cost of restoring or replacing your damaged property from our team of experienced and highly qualified contractors, and advance your claim, so you can confidently plan for repairs to begin.

How Can StormClaim.Com Help Maximize My Water Damage Insurance Claim?

StormClaim.com is comprised of an integrated team of skilled Insurance Claims Adjusters and consultants who are supported by accomplished contractors and industry specialists who will review your insurance policy and its coverage, including any limitations, to interpret the policy’s language to your advantage. Our combined pool of experts use state of the art technology including moisture mapping technology that provides infrared or thermal imaging to diagnose and document the extent of your water damage, so the full degree of your losses are identified, documented, and supported in our insurance claim recovery request.
If your home, business, or another structure suffered severe water damage suddenly or over time, contact StormClaim.com to learn more about our experienced professionals and our guided solutions that will pursue the complete compensation you deserve for your losses.
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