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Hail forms in strong thunderstorm clouds, where most of the cloud layer is below freezing. When hail storms occur, they can cause significant damage to homes, businesses, and other property, which requires many of our residents to file an insurance claim to ensure the repairs do not come out of their pockets.


What Are The Most Common Types Of Hail Damage?

By far, roof damage is one of the most damaged parts of a home or business during a hailstorm. When the hail damage is not detected on the roof right away it can often result in lingering damages, which allow water to leak through and into walls.
Granule loss, or damage to the outer layer of the shingles, which can expose the layers underneath
Cracks on the asphalt layer, which can grow over time and allow rainwater to penetrate to the roof deck
Exposure to the fiberglass mat, which could lead to cracks or torn shingles over time

Other significant hail damage can include:

Skylight damage
Broken windows
Siding damage, including chipping, holes, and cracking
Automobile damage, including dents in the body and cracks in the windows
Boat, RV, and motorcycle damage
Property damage, including trees, plants, swimming pools
Exterior appliances, including HVAC units
Hail damage may not be as noticeable as other large-scale storm damage, like hurricanes or tornadoes, but that does not mean they are not significant. As a home, business, or property owner, knowing the extent of your property’s hail damage can help you determine the extent of the harm, so you can pursue your insurance policy for the proper repairs or replacement costs.

What Is Hail And Why Does It Cause Extensive Damage?

Hail is a form of precipitation that consists of solid ice, which can range in diameter from 1/5 inch to more than five inches, which can destroy more than structures, but boats, vehicles, decks, swimming pools, trees, and landscaping.

The shape and form of hail is damaging on its own, but the real culprit may be the speed in which it falls. According to The National Severe Storms Laboratory, larger hailstones can fall at over 100 mph, which can cause severe damage to anything in its path.

When your property suffers significant hail damage during a storm, it can seem like the worst thing that ever happened…until you call your insurance company. You paid for coverage. You paid for reassurance. You trusted they would be there. But what you got was the runaround. is here to help.

Our hail damage insurance adjusters and consultants, along with an integrated team of contractors, and other experts, work to find the best solution to getting your property back to where it was before the loss.

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