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Roof Leaks can develop for a variety of reasons, and none are more common than the dangerous and damaging winds, heavy rain, and storms that parts of the United States experience year round — especially during the lengthy annual Hurricane season.

Roof repairs and replacement are expensive projects that many home, business, and condo owners cannot afford out of pocket as a leak begins destroying their structural integrity and interior property drop by drop.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leak Damages?

Roof damage is often covered by home or business owners’ insurance policies when certain perils cause your losses.

Commonly covered perils may include: 

Chimney damage
Hail damage
Heavy or continuous and sustained rainfall
High winds
Hurricane damage
Lightning damage
Damage from raccoons or another animal
Tree collapses, falling limbs or other debris
Vandalism or malicious mischief

Roofs on unattached structures on your property, including a detached garage, shed, or another edifice may also be covered by the same insurance policy if the damage is caused by a covered peril.

However, insurance policies generally do not cover damage resulting from the lack of maintenance or wear and tear, which may be the insurance company’s stated source of loss —which could allow them to deny your claim.

At, our experienced Rook Leak Insurance Claims Adjusters will focus on assessing your damages to establish how your whole property will be affected if these damages are not repaired quickly, to put the necessary pressure on your insurance company to resolve your claim.

What Should I Do After Discovering A Roof Leak On My Home Or Business?

If your home or business’s roof is leaking, further damage is not far behind.

As soon as you discover a leaking roof: 

Cover the leak as quickly as possible, or contact a professional who can provide a safe and temporary solution
Move all valuables out of harm’s way
Mop up water or use a wet vac to prevent further damage
Use a bucket or leak-proof container to catch any water that continues to drip
Use a fan to help evaporate water that could lead to mold damage

Unresolved Roof Leak Insurance Claims Can Lead To Extensive Losses

Roof leaks should not go unrepaired for long, as they will only continue or escalate causing significant damage with each passing day.

If your insurance company is delaying their response to your roof leak, things are only going to get worse while they avoid contact, devalue your claim, or stall their approval.

When time passes, and your roof leak remains, severe damage can occur, including:

Attic and ceiling damage
Interior mold and mildew issues
Wiring and fire hazards from water damage
Compromised structural integrity
Slip and fall hazards inside homes and businesses creating liability concerns

If you have discovered a roof leak in your home or business, and are not certain of the cause or whether it is covered by your insurance policy, contact our skilled insurance claims adjusters and consultants who are part of an integrated team of contractors, specialists, and experts who can assess your complete damage and hold the insurance company accountable for the coverage you have paid for.

Insurance coverage is designed to protect you when damage occurs to your home or business. Partnering with will help ensure your policy repairs and protects your dwelling or company exactly as it is supposed to. Contact us for a free review of your coverage and to discuss your overall insurance claim needs with one of our specialists today.
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