Has Lightning Caused Damage to Your Home or Business?

As many residents know, with dangerous storms come powerful lightning strikes, which results in numerous lightning damage claims being filed in the U.S. everyday. Last year alone, more than 7,100 lightning claims were reported, averaging $10,500 each for a total of $74.2 million in property damage.

Our adjusters and consultants will work with our integrated team of contractors and other experts to face the insurance company head on, to provide the best solution to getting your property back to where it was before the loss occurred.

How Is Lightning Damage Classified By Insurance Policies?

Lightning damage can cause harm to your property in more ways than one, which can lead to the insurance company contesting the value of your claim by writing it off as an event that is not covered by your policy.

Lightning damage can be classified as a:

Lightning Strike

A lightning strike is the result of a bolt of lightning entering and passing through a home or other property on its way from the atmosphere to the ground. Lighting strikes can cause severe damage, including fires and charring to the affected property or structural damage to the roof, chimney, foundation, or windows.

Near Miss

A near miss is a result of lightning striking near the home or property without directly striking the structure. While near miss damages are often less severe than a direct lighting strike, they can cause significant structural problems by downing trees, power lines and poles, and other large falling objects.

Ground Surge

A ground surge is the result of a spike in electricity throughout an area, which can cause significant damage to the home’s wiring, appliances, and other electronics that are expensive to repair or replace.

What Type Of Lightning Damage Can My Homeowners’ Insurance Cover?

All home, business, and property insurance policies are different and cover varying damage caused by lightning strikes, near misses and ground surges.

Our experienced lightning damage insurance adjusters and consultants will review your insurance policy to determine exactly what type of coverage is contained within your agreement and create a claim that reflects that coverage.

That can include insurance coverage for:

Personal Property

Personal property can include furnishings, interior possessions, electronics, and appliances damaged or destroyed by a lightning strike.

Living Expenses

Living expenses may cover the cost of living elsewhere while your damaged home is being repaired or rebuilt after a lightning strike compromises its integrity.

Other Structures Located on the Property

Other structures include sheds or garages that are damaged by lightning. Lightning can be extremely dangerous to homeowners, business owners, their structures, property, and livelihoods. With the help of StormClaim.com, you can prepare a strong claim that checks all your coverage boxes, so the insurance company has little chance to reject your filing.

What Should I Do After Lightning Damage Occurs To My Property?

If any part of your property suffered severe damage from a lightning strike, all property owners should take these key steps to strengthen their insurance claim, so they are not left paying for the damages out of their pockets.

That can include:

  • Assessing each part of your property, including your home, garage, and other structures for damage after a thunderstorm
  • Taking pictures or video of all lightning damage
  • Having damaged electronics evaluated by a licensed technician to validate your claim
  • Calling a trusted electrician to inspect your wiring system to avoid fires or other damages
  • Having your foundation, roof, and chimney inspected for damage

You paid for insurance coverage that will protect you from lightning damage to ensure that a trusted insurance company would be there when you needed them. If you were met instead with resistance from your insurance company, StormClaim.com is here to help.

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