What to Do After We Notice Storm Damage to Our Home

At Storm Claim, our experienced public adjusters understand the challenges homeowners face when assessing storm damage that has occurred to their home, and the frustration that comes with contacting their insurance companies.

While the latter should give you peace of mind that your damages will be covered, the process can unfold in a couple of different ways.

Based on our experience, here is what most of our clients endure, and the different ways we can help you and your family avoid the headaches that typically come with the home repairs and financial recovery they need after a storm damages their properties.

The Process of Assessing Storm Damages to Your Home On Your Own

When homeowners inspect their property after a large storm, including those caused by hurricanes, hail, lightning, or tornados, and are ready to move forward with a claim, the process begins with assessing and documenting the damage to submit it to the insurance company for recovery.

The problem becomes, do you know how and what to look for? Or how severely the damage has or will impact your home’s structural integrity?

From there, it can get even more complicated as you begin making calls to random companies to take immediate action to protect your home and its contents. Can you trust them to provide accurate assessments, estimates, and guarantees for their work?

Now it is time to get the insurance company to cover your damages.

  • You call your insurance company and wait for a response.
  • You call your insurance company again and wait for a response.
  • Still no response?
  • Finally, a response!
  • You wait for the insurance company to schedule an inspection.
  • Your wait for the insurance company’s determination and hopefully a settlement.

Then, the real frustration sets in, when you discover the difference between the estimates you received, and what the insurance company is willing to pay.

The difference between the insurance company’s assessment and the real value of your damages is often substantial, but difficult to prove on your own.

That is where hiring a public adjuster from Storm Claim can help.

How Storm Claim Can Help Assess the Accurate Value of the Damage to Your Home

At Storm Claim, our team of accomplished public adjusters, insurance consultants, and experienced contractors work for you, the policyholder, not the insurance company.

That allows us to objectively review your home’s damages to ensure the insurance company treats you fairly.

Here is how the process works when you have a Storm Claim advocate by your side:

  • Forget climbing a ladder. Contact Storm Claim to professionally and immediately evaluate and assess your damages.
  • We will help you identify and repair the damage that needs immediate attention and help you file your claim with the insurance company.
  • We work with industry professionals whose swift actions help protect your property from additional damages or losses.
  • We meet with the insurance representative to review their evaluation of your damages and losses, comparing them to our findings.
  • We work to reach an acceptable resolution with your insurance company. If a resolution is unable to be reached, we take appropriate action on your behalf to fight the underpayment or denied claim determination to get you the recovery you are owed.

Storm Claim gives you peace of mind and gets your property back to pre-storm condition faster and safer. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling 844-967-8676, so you do not have to face the storm alone.



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