Understanding the Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

At StormClaim.com, our public adjusters know that when your property suffers roof, hail, fire, or hurricane damage, dealing directly with the insurance company can be a challenge.

When our clients are seeking the best outcome for their damages, they can partner with a skilled public adjuster to have their claim overseen in a timely and positive manner.

Here is why.

Public Adjusters Can Help You Understand Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies and the coverage outlined therein can be confusing to anyone who is not trained to understand the details.

A public adjuster can offer the skills you need to unravel difficult language and insurance company terms, so you know exactly what is covered in your agreement.

Public Adjusters Secure Your Rights as a Policyholder

When you report property damages to your insurance company, it will send an adjuster to your home or business to survey your repair or replacement needs.

Unfortunately, the adjuster is employed directly by the insurance company, which means their assessment is designed to protect the insurance company from excessive losses.

A public adjuster has no association with the insurance company.

That means he or she will take a proactive and unbiased approach to survey your complete damages, backed by your legally bound rights to provide a successful resolution.

Public Adjusters Can Help Resolve Your Claim Faster

When you pay for insurance coverage, your only expectation is that it covers any damages without delay.

When policyholders take on the insurance company on their own, they can face multiple challenges, including payment delays that make the process extremely frustrating.

Our public adjusters in Boca Raton will review your insurance coverage, outline the complete damages, manage the paperwork, and negotiate directly with your insurance company, which all happens efficiently, so your claim is not delayed by incomplete paperwork or additional requests for more information.

This means you may get paid faster than filing the claim on your own.

Public Adjusters Can Help Ensure a Satisfactory Claim Amount

Contact our skilled public adjusters today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling 844-967-8676, so you do not have to face the insurance company alone.

You do not have to take the insurance company’s word for your property damage value. We will evaluate your complete damages, so you can pursue a satisfactory claim amount without delay.


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