At, our public adjusters know that insurance companies have a duty to investigate all claims, including those submitted by homeowners when their property has suffered damage from a storm.

Insurance carriers are also required by state laws to follow full, fair, thorough investigative procedures when assessing homeowners’ insurance claims.

Here is what homeowners need to know before they file a claim.

By Law, Insurance Companies Must…

An insurance company cannot deny homeowners a payment in good faith until they have thoroughly investigated all potential reasons for their denial.

Before they can get to that point, insurance companies must:

  • Fully, fairly, and thoroughly investigate all homeowner’s claims, including all possible sources that would support your claim.
  • Consider the homeowner’s interests as much as considers the company’s interests during the investigation.
  • Consider or locate evidence that pertains to liability and any possible damages.

Legislation states, for most insurance claims, insurers must decide within 90 days. Policyholders should receive a notice that their claims were approved or denied within this timeframe.

When Does a Failure to Investigate Constitute Bad Faith?

Not all insurance claim delays constitute bad faith. In some cases, especially if there was a lot of storm damage to a certain area, the insurance adjusters are spread thin, which can cause significant delays in responding to disaster areas.

However, failure to conduct a full, fair, and thorough investigation can be the sole basis for a finding of bad faith.

The insurance company’s duty to investigate is so critical, it is possible to win a bad-faith case simply by showing a lack of investigation.

For an insurance company to fulfill its obligation of good faith and fair dealing, it must not impair the right of the insured to receive the benefits of the agreement.

Partner with a Public Adjuster Who Will Investigate Your Case with an Unbiased Approach to Pursuing Results

If you are concerned about the lack of a thorough investigation into your homeowner’s claim, or if you simply would like a second opinion, contact our skilled public adjusters at today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling 844-967-8676, so you do not have to face the insurance company alone.


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