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Our public adjusters and consultants know that with our enjoyable climate comes thunderstorms, lightning, and the ever-dreaded hurricanes that can turn lives upside down without notice.

Whether it is your home or business, a natural disaster of any type – from heavy rains to tornadoes – can devastate the property you have worked so hard to acquire throughout the years.

That is why property owners carry insurance on their most prized possessions.

So, what happens when it is time to submit a claim?

You paid for coverage. You paid for reassurance. You trusted they would be there.

But what you got was the runaround.

StormClaim.com is here to help.

Our skilled team of public adjusters, insurance consultants, and experienced contractors work for you, the policyholder.

We make sure that your insurance company treats you fairly, and that your rights as a property owner are protected throughout the claim’s process.

You do not have to face the storm alone. Contact our experienced Storm Claim representatives today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

How Can the StormClaim.com Insurance Adjusters and Consultants Help with My Damage Property?

If your home or business has suffered damage and your insurance company’s response is to delay their assessment, undervalue the damage and losses, or directly deny your claim, contact our skilled public insurance adjusters and consultants at StormClaim.com today.

Our insurance claims adjusters and consultants will review your insurance policy and outline the coverage you are entitled to, so your insurance company cannot claim that your damages are not covered. Contact our experienced Storm Claim representatives today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Specialized Resources for Hurricane Damage Assessments

When torrential rains, hurricane-force winds, and tornadoes enter the atmosphere, widespread damage is not far behind. Unfortunately, other side effects of these treacherous conditions can cause storm surges that send dangerous amounts of water into our city streets, neighborhoods, and homes, and businesses.

If your property has been damaged by a hurricane, StormClaim.com is here to remove the challenges you will soon face from your insurance company, either because of the insurance adjuster being from somewhere else, and not able to understand the value of your property, or because the insurance company is unwilling to pay what you deserve.

All property damage and losses mean something different to each policyholder when they file an insurance claim. Our experienced public insurance adjusters and consultants will walk you through the process to maximize your outcome, so you can pursue the financial outcome you deserve.

Experienced Water Damage Insurance Claims Adjusters and Consultants

One of the most common types of property damage insurance claims in the United States is the result of water damage including that caused by heavy rains, roof damage, and windows that are broken during a storm.

Unfortunately, if you are not in your home, condo, or business when the damage occurs, the fallout can be much worse than the initial leak.

Our StormClaim.com public insurance adjusters know that there is nothing in an insurance policy that states you must be home when damage occurs to your home or business to pursue a successful claim.

In fact, in some cases, hurricanes require mandatory evacuations, which send residents far from their properties until it is safe to return.

By then, the damage is done.

If you have suffered water damage, do not let the insurance company delay, undervalue, or deny your claim.

Talk to our expert water damage public insurance claims adjusters and consultants to partner with industry specialists, contractors, and experts that allow you to get the most out of your insurance policy’s coverage.

Storm Claim Public Adjusters and Consultants are Here When You Need Us

At Storm Claim, our accomplished insurance claims adjusters, consultants, and a team of experienced contractors and assessors know that damage can occur to your home or office any time, any day, and often without notice.

If you have suffered any type of property damage to your home, condo, business, or marine vessel you do not have to face the storm alone.

Contact our experienced public insurance adjusters and consultants today at (844) 967-8676 or online to get the help you need to face the insurance company now.

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