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Our skilled public insurance adjusters and consultants at believe that contacting your insurance company after damage occurs to your property should bring nothing but relief.

Unfortunately, our experience tells us otherwise.

We understand how difficult it is to wrap your head around the insurance company’s response – especially when it is nowhere near the one you wanted – or needed – to get your property back to where it was before the damage occurred.

If you are ready to get ahead of your insurance company’s claim process, our insurance claims adjusters and consultants will review your policy and outline the coverage you are entitled to, so your insurance company is less likely to delay, undervalue, or deny your claim.

Contact us now to learn more about how we customize our approach to pursuing the best outcome for each of our client’s unique needs.

Most Fire Damage Claims Should Be Covered Home, Condo, and Business Insurance Policies

Most fire damage claims are caused by unintentional ignition points, which can catch home, condo, and business owners off guard.

Common causes of fires that are completely unintentional stem from:

  • Barbeques
  • Candles
  • Children Playing with Fire
  • Cooking
  • Electrical Equipment, Faulty Wiring & Unsafe Lighting
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Smoking

Other types of fire – that are set intentionally, are the result of arson or vandalism, which means the perpetrator was deliberately trying to destroy property.

Fire damage – even when caught early – can lead to significant restoration costs, including that necessary to clean the smoke damage, or after chemicals or water is applied to the fire to put it out. Returning to these conditions may be hazardous to your health, so your insurance company must act quickly to ensure you can return home sooner than later.

The trouble with that? Insurance companies simply are not in a hurry to pay out a significant claim. First, they may delay their response, claiming they do not have all the information necessary to estimate the damage. This is usually the policyholder’s fault – at least that is what they will say.

Next, they will undervalue the damage in hopes that you will take a much smaller offer, so you can simply move forward.

Other times – especially when fire damage has occurred – they may accuse the policyholder of setting it, to collect the insurance money, which is both insulting and unfair.

If your home, condo, or business has suffered any type of fire damage, contact our skilled public adjusters and insurance consultants today to learn the real value of your claim.

Roof Leak Insurance Claims Adjusters, Consultants, and Contractors

Throughout the year, hail, lightning, and excessive rain that can cause falling trees and debris can lead to significant damage to roofs.

Whether your roof damage occurred from a single event or over time, repairs and replacement can be overwhelmingly expensive, making them difficult to pay out of pocket.

That is what your insurance coverage is for, right?

When your insurance company says your coverage does not include the types of damage your roof sustained, you may not know where to turn.

Look no further than the professionals at

Our skilled roof leak adjusters, consultants, certified roofing contractors, and other experts will research your coverage to find the best solution to getting your property back to where it was before the loss occurred.

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Insurance Adjusters and Consultants Who Are Here When You Need Us 

At, our accomplished insurance claims adjusters, consultants, and a team of experienced contractors and assessors know that damage can occur to your home or business any time, any day, and often without notice.

Contact our experienced public adjusters and consultants at (844) 967-8676 or online today to get the help you need to face the insurance company after you have suffered fire, hurricane, lightning, mold, water damage, or discovered property losses from roof leaks. You do not have to face the storm alone. We are here to help.

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