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At, our public adjusters and consultants know that storms, heavy rain and flooded can cause significant damage throughout the area, leaving our residents’ homes, condos, and business in disrepair.

When these destructive circumstances occur, it may seem like the worst thing that ever happened…

Until you call your insurance company.

You paid for coverage. You paid for reassurance. You trusted they would be there.

But what you got was the runaround. is here to help.

Our dedicated team of public adjusters and insurance consultants partner with an experienced team of contractors, attorneys, and other experts who create customized solutions to getting your property back to what it was before the loss occurred.

Do not allow the insurance company to delay, undervalue, or deny your claim. Contact the insurance professionals at Storm Claim today to learn how we can help. Insurance Adjusters and Consultants Create Solutions for All Property Damage Needs

Our experienced insurance adjusters and consultants know that it only takes one broken pipe to damage your entire home. Or one fallen tree to place a considerable-sized hole in your roof.  When your home, condo, or business suffers damage for any reason, you count on your insurance coverage to make you whole again.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When the insurance company refuses to provide the coverage outlined in your policy, we can help.

We will start by reviewing your insurance policy to highlight the coverage you are entitled to – and have paid for through your premium – so the insurance company cannot create a confusing narrative about non-covered damage.

If you would like to get ahead of your insurance company’s claim process no matter who your provider is contact our public adjusters and insurance consultants at Storm Claim today to learn how we can get your property back to its previous condition or replace what has been lost.

Hurricane Damage Requires an Experienced Insurance Adjuster

Hurricane damage comes with the territory. Some years, our residents escape the season with little damage. Other years, heavy rains, incredible winds, and fallen trees and debris can cause significant damage to homes, businesses, boats, and vehicles.

Once the storm passes, and our residents contact their insurance companies for financial recovery, they are often surprised to learn they will send an insurance adjuster from out of state to assess the damage. The problem is, if the person who is estimating your damage does not live here — or have any marine experience — how can they properly evaluate your overall recovery needs?

Our public adjusters and insurance consultants work for you – not the insurance company. At, we believe in working in our community, so our clients have access to local resources that know what it means to live and work and can properly assess the damages our clients have suffered, so they can maximize their coverage.

Contact our skilled public adjuster to discuss your unique needs with our insurance consultants today.

Experienced Water Damage Insurance Claims Adjusters and Consultants

The single most filed insurance claim throughout the country is for water damage.

Whether the water damage is caused by a roof leak or storm surge, broken pipes or heavy rain, they can spell disaster for any home, condo, or business – especially if you are not there to catch the cause right away.

Water damage can cause significant damage to any structure – and its contents – leaving owners with an incredible expense that is almost impossible to cover out of pocket.

That is what your insurance coverage is for, right?

Unfortunately, when policyholders contact their insurance companies to assess the damage, they are often surprised by their response. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying, undervaluing, and denying claims outright, which leave our residents with the balance of the repair or replacement costs.

That is not fair.

If you are facing resistance from your insurance company, contact our skilled public adjuster and insurance consultants today to learn the real value of your damage, so you can pursue your insurance policy for the compensation you deserve. Public Adjusters and Insurance Consultants Are Here When You Need Us

At, our accomplished insurance claims adjusters, consultants, and a team of experienced contractors and assessors know that damage can occur to your home or office any time, any day, and often without notice. We can help you put the pieces back together.

Contact our experienced public adjusters and consultants at (844) 967-8676 or online today to get the help you need to face the insurance company after you have suffered fire, hurricane, lightning, mold, water damage, or discovered property losses from roof leaks. You do not have to face the storm alone. We are here to help.


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