Proactive Tips for Mitigating Roof Damage

At, our public adjusters know that when your property suffers roof damage, the financial fallout can be devastating — especially when the insurance company has delayed, undervalued, or denied your claim.

Here are a few tips for proactively mitigating roof damage, so you can spot trouble before it causes excessive damage to your home.

Carefully Inspect Your Roof Before and After a Storm

At Storm Claim, we understand that gaining access to your roof can be dangerous. However, inspecting your roof during non-rainy periods can help you determine if any damage occurred during hurricane season.

If you are physically unable to inspect your roof on your own, ask a friend or close relative to do so for you, and have them carefully record the surface.

Do so again after a storm and compare the two videos to see if any damage occurred.

Clean Downspouts and Gutters Regularly

When it rains, check around your home to see if there are any spaces where debris is blocking the clear flow of water in drains and gutters.

Free-flowing water ensures that standing water does not get clogged on your roof.

Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles as Soon as They are Identified

Remove any debris that exists on gutters or the roof itself to identify missing or damaged shingles to avoid potentially costly leaking roof damage.

Trim Overhanging Trees that Could Cause Significant Damage

If you have trees hanging over your home, be sure to have them trimmed regularly, so they are at least six feet away from your house. This will help mitigate any damage to the roof, siding, windows, or other property during a storm.

Get Your Roof Inspected by a Professional

A roof inspection is important to identify both strengths and weaknesses in its structure. This can help you determine where a leak may start, or how long you have before needing to replace the roof, shingles, or its protective materials.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Before you can file an insurance claim, you must know what your policy covers. While roof damage is often included in most homeowners’ insurance policies, yours may differ from another person’s policy details. Check your policy and ask your insurance company representative to outline your coverage details, so you know what to expect when filing a claim.

Public Adjusters Can Help Ensure a Satisfactory Roof Damage Claim Amount

Contact our skilled public adjusters today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling 844-967-8676, so you do not have to face the insurance company alone.

You do not have to take the insurance company’s word for your roof damage value. We will evaluate your complete damages, so you can pursue a satisfactory claim amount without delay.


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