How Long Can I File an Insurance Claim for a Storm?

Our team of accomplished Florida public adjusters at know the state has something called the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights. This legislation gives homeowners four years from the date of the incident that caused their property damage to file a claim with their insurance company.

Although property owners have several years to do so, filing a claim as quickly as possible will help preserve evidence and increase a homeowner’s chances of reaching an acceptable settlement with their insurance provider. Once the claim has been filed, homeowner’s insurance companies must respond within certain timelines unless the circumstances that caused the damage are out of their control.

How Long Does a Homeowner’s Insurance Company Have to Respond to My Claim?

Once the homeowner’s insurance claim has been filed, insurance companies have 14 days to acknowledge they have received it. If there is more information needed, it should be requested from the policyholder with the claim acknowledgment.

Florida homeowner’s insurance companies must also decide whether to accept or reject a claim within 90 days of the claim being opened.

After a decision has been made and a settlement has been decided, the insurer has 20 days to issue a payment.

Partner With the Public Adjusters at Storm Claim to Learn More About Your Rights

Despite these regulations, many homeowners see their claims delayed for much longer than is legally acceptable or are met with overall resistance from the insurance company. If your homeowner’s storm damage claim is being delayed or undervalued by your insurance company, contact our Florida public adjusters online for help pursuing the outcome you deserve or learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling (844) 967-8676.

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