Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Damage?

At, our Florida public adjusters know that water damage insurance claims are one of the most common types of property claims submitted to insurance providers throughout the United States.

After all, water damage can be caused by multiple issues, including faulty or malfunctioning household appliances, storm-related damage, roof leaks, and broken pipes, just to name a few culprits.

Since water damage is so common in households throughout the U.S., the bigger question is whether your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover the expenses that result from repairing or replacing the harm it causes to your structure.

Here is what our Florida homeowners need to know about water damage insurance claims.

Dwelling Coverage & Personal Property Coverage May Help Cover Your Florida Water Damage Claim

Understanding your complete homeowner’s insurance coverage begins with two of its major components: Dwelling coverage and personal property coverage.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies help cover water damage that is sudden and accidental using its dwelling coverage.

This includes drywall that is soaked and destroyed after a water heater ruptures, or when an upstairs pipe bursts and water saturates the ceiling below.

Personal property coverage helps pay for damage to your belongings like a computer, television, or other personal items if they are damaged by the same water heater or pipe burst.

What Types of Water Damage is NOT Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

There are multiple reasons why the insurance company may deny your water damage claim.

That could include stating your policy does not cover the damage that occurred, that you declined certain coverages that would have been applicable during this claim, or that the coverage was not available for your area.

Traditional homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not cover water that backs into your home through an outside sewer or drain unless it was purchased as additional coverage.

Standard homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover any type of flood damage, although flood coverage may also be available in a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Homeowner’s insurance companies may also deny your water damage claim if they believe the damage was the result of poor maintenance. If you believe you properly maintained your home, and that this response does not reflect your position, get a second opinion by contacting our public adjusters to reopen your claim by filing an appeal.

Review Your Insurance Policy for Coverage & Deductible Details

No matter what type of homeowner’s insurance claim you plan to file, a deductible will likely apply before the coverage is applied.

There are also typically coverage limits that apply in most policies, so read your policy closely.

If you have questions about filing a claim or would like to file an appeal to a denied homeowner’s insurance claim, contact Storm Claim today.

Our team of accomplished public adjusters, insurance consultants, and experienced contractors work for you, the policyholder, to make sure that your insurance company treats you fairly.

Contact our skilled public adjuster in Boca Raton, Florida today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling 844-967-8676, so you do not have to face the insurance company alone.


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