At, our public adjusters know that fire damage can happen to homes in many ways. Whether it is lightning striking your roof, an outside source — like the neighbor’s grille exploding — or a kitchen accident, your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover these incidents and make you whole again.

However, as most of our clients determine early in the claims process, this is not always true.

There are multiple reasons why your insurance company may deny your fire damage claim. Here are just a few of the common explanations our clients receive before calling us for help.

You Have Insufficient Coverage

One of the top reasons that fire claims are denied is insufficient coverage. It makes sense that your homeowner’s insurance policy would cover damage from a fire’s flames. However, the insurance company may consider smoke damage or water from fire sprinklers outside of their coverage requirements. While this may seem like your insurer is splitting hairs, it happens often.

You are Suspected of Fraud or Arson

Fire damage is notoriously investigated for any signs of fraud or arson by insurance companies.

While most people would never consider intentionally setting fire to their property to make an insurance claim, it happens. Because this is true, the insurance company will scrutinize fire damage for potential fraud, or worse, make the homeowner prove that is not true before proceeding with their claim.

Your Claim is Met With Valuation Disputes

Fire damage is inherently expensive, as it often compromises the integrity of the home’s structural safety. This means your claim may require complete replacement costs for the room and/or area that was damaged. The insurance company will typically counter your assessment with one of their own, which will be a lesser amount than you imagined — or denied based on that valuation dispute.

Your Home Was Defectively Designed or Crafted

The insurance company will review every fire damage claim that originated within the home with an eye on defective design or artistry as the cause of the fire. If they believe some component of your home was poorly crafted or installed — either because you or your contractor did not have the proper licensing and permits — or used a building material that has since been recalled for poor fire protection or faulty performance, the insurance company will deny your claim.

Has Your Fire Damage Claim Been Undervalued or Denied?

If your home suffered fire damage, and you believe the insurance company is failing to provide an accurate assessment of those damages, contact our skilled Fire Damage Insurance Claims Adjusters at today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling (844) 967-8676.


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