Can I File an Insurance Claim for Lightning Damage?

At, we are a team of accomplished public adjusters who know that lightning damage can devastate any home or property where the strike makes direct contact. Even if it does not hit the home, but indirectly hits a tree or other structure that falls onto the home, the damage can be catastrophic.

While fires are the most likely side effect of a direct lightning strike, the home’s wiring can become significantly compromised by the bolt, impacting your complete electrical system and the appliances operating from the source.

While less common, lightning can damage a home’s plumbing, or cause damage to the foundation, depending on where the strike occurs. If your home or property has been struck by lightning — directly or indirectly — here are a few tips to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider.

Tips for Lightning Strike Property Insurance Claims

Lightning strike damage is covered by most property insurance policies. Still, homeowners should always review their individual policies before making a claim.

Lightning strikes can lead to considerable damage that may be difficult to see. If the insurance provider sends an inexperienced adjuster to your home, he or she may not know what to look for when assessing the damage. This could mean they are overlooking damage that should be covered, undervaluing your claim. This could include fire damage, electrical damage, compromised appliances, and even fallen trees or other structural problems.

Unfortunately, if all the issues are not caught the first time, they could be outright denied later.

Instead of trusting the insurance company with something as important as lightning damage, get an expert assessment from an experienced public adjuster who knows what to look for during your home’s valuation.

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