Public Adjuster Helps You From Falling for Insurance Company Tricks

At, we are a team of accomplished Florida public adjusters who work for you, the policyholder, to ensure your insurance company treats you fairly.

Our company exists because policyholders fall victim to insurance company representatives and their long-used tactics that allow them to undervalue or outright deny their homeowner’s claims.

Whether insurance representatives are tricking policyholders into saying they could have done more to mitigate their damages, or somehow directly placed their property in harm’s way, or that they could have called earlier to file a claim, our public adjusters help Florida residents avoid the pitfalls of speaking directly to their insurance companies without knowing their complete Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights.

Here is how.

We Prioritize Your Claim, Saving You Time

Florida homeowners have lots of priorities, including work, family, and children that require their full-time attention. When they have a homeowner’s claim, the incessant demands from the insurance company can quickly become overwhelming. When there is no time to deal with the details, the insurance representative will point to a lack of response as reason enough for denying their claim.

Our public adjuster will organize and manage your claim and help minimize the time you need to spend communicating with the insurance company, expedite the claims process, and get your repairs underway faster, so you can focus on all of life’s other personal and professional obligations.

We are Experts in Our Field

Insurance policies are complex, and it will take no time at all for your insurance representative to say, “This damage is not covered by your policy.” Considering they are the insurance company, your first thought may be, “They would know.”

Our public adjusters will review your policy to ensure the language is not interpreted in the insurance company’s favor. This allows our clients to enforce the terms of their agreement, which can mean the difference between a fully covered claim and a denial.

We Protect Your Rights as a Policyholder & Advocate on Your Behalf

We are fully aware of your rights as an insurance policyholder in Florida. As expert public adjusters, we understand the insurance company’s expectations when documenting and valuing your claim. This gives the insurance company little room to undervalue or deny your claim, since your valuation was provided by a third-party resource.

In case additional aggressive action is required to obtain a just recovery, we will be here to back up our assessment with insurance consultants and experienced contractors who can attest to our knowledge, skills, and overall evaluation of your property damage.

Before you file a claim with your insurance company, contact our skilled Boca Raton public adjusters at today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can produce solutions for your unique recovery needs by calling (844) 967-8676.


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